Sunday, June 27, 2010

The most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico!

Geoff spotted some dirt tracks on Google Maps not long ago and has been wanting to check them out for ages..what better day to do it than today! It was sunny, dry and Geoff's knee has been getting better rapidly, so we thought we'd make the most it.

The area belongs to the Department of Natural Resources and is just off the highway...I'm not giving away too much more as the area is unspoilt except some red off-road tracks that you cannot go on without a 4WD.
The beaches here in Puerto Rico are either beautiful, but full of people - or empty, with lots of rubbish and stray dogs. This beach we found (which doesnt even have a name according to Google Maps) was MAGNIFICENT. It was huge - golden sand, lined with palm trees and other bushy greens and the water was a crystal clear blue/green with just the perfect temperature for swimming.
We had packed ourselves a little picnic and enjoyed being back on the road, back at the beach (after being vehicle-less for a month) and enjoyed the deserted surroundings - truly feeling like the only people on the whole island!

We'll be back soon!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wine Pavillion

Saturday night Geoff and I went to the 3rd Annual Wine Pavillion at the Sheraton - just walking distance from home and even Geoff could walk it with his sore knee.
We had been trying for ever to gain information on this event - but like most events here in Puerto Rico, not much is written up on the internet and most people dont choose to answer their phones either when it comes to enquiries!

There were over 280 wines from all over the world - Argentina, Israel, France, Spain, California and yes Australia! I got pretty excited when I heard the aussie accent again! Not only were the wines great.. they had a really yummy buffet with mango roast turkey, mashed potatoes and big antipasto platters and and and...

Apart from the wining and dining, I managed to make some contacts! There were a few exhibitors that had connections in St. Croix apart from weasling free tickets to the next Wine Exhibition in St. Thomas, they've also said that they'll put me in touch with some employers in STX!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Islanders vs. Whitecaps

Vancouver Whitecaps were in town! On Wednesday night, Geoff and I took the skytrain to Bayamon, where the stadium was directly next to the train station. As we were waiting in the tickets line, a guy came up to us and gave us spare ones - score!
The stadium is a pretty decent size, which the 1/4 full seats made it look very empty...despite that - WOW was it LOUD! Puerto Ricans definitely dont hold back when it comes to noise and are up there with a full MCG stadium at the best of times. We were situated right between a guy with a drum, another with a bongo and an assortment of other musical instruments. Upon entering, we were given blow up bambams, grabbed a pina coloada and game on! The atmosphere was much more interesting than the game itself though!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zorra and Alpie

The last 7 days we've been "dog sitting".. a little playmate from the dogpark called Zorra came to stay with us whilst her owners went on their honeymoon.
I just had to post these pics since they are so cute! The first is of my two sleepy-heads and Zorra having an afternoon nap..

All rugged up

With all the rain we've been having Alpie was feeling a little cold.. our solution?