Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Only in St. Croix..

... do people tie their horses on the OUTSIDE of a fence - so the horses can reach the fresh green grass that lines the road... luckily we live in a friendly neighbourhood!

Brunch at Topside

Yesterday (Easter sunday) we were invited by friends to brunch at Topside restaurant, less than 5 mins down the road from us but we've never been there before.
GREAT food, including an omelette station, lobster lasagne, mahi, ham, caribbean-style vegetables and eggs benny... we stuffed ourselves only to come home to a delicious kingfish bbq cookout that our landlords put on for us.
We certainly didnt go hungry this Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Green thumb

Our veggie patch we started just 3 weeks ago bore its first crop last night!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Crucian specialty... Easter!

One of my friends Dale from work brought in a plate of traditional Crucian Easter lunch (typically eaten on Good Friday):

Saltfish: very popular all over the Caribbean, the saltfish is usually made from codfish, green and red bell peppers, onion and vegetable oil. (and salt, of course :-)

Callaloo: I love this stuff! Usually its made from okra (a root vegetable, similar to potato), spinach, oil, onion and spices boiled down into a soupy stew that is often served the main vegetable side in Jamaican cooking.

Ducana : a traditional dumpling made from flour, coconut, cinnamon, butter, salt and sugar and then boiled. I would consider them a desert as they are a little sweet but Dale told me that its eaten as a side to offset the saltfish. Delicious!

Next step... to learn how to cook all these yummies!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter in St. Croix

I found this article online which described a Crucian Easter very well...

Or for those who dont have Facebook:

Its crazy to see all these big colorful tents on the beach for weeks on end!

Morning hike in Paradise!

The last few months I've started my day with - what used to be - a gruelling hike up and down "The Beast" (as the locals call it). Its a steep hill right near our workplace that took me a good hour to walk I'm proud to say and I can do it twice in about 45 minutes!
The views are phenomenal - to the north is the resort (pics above) and if I'm lucky, St. Thomas and the BVI's on a clear day - and to the south (right pics) is Carambola Golf Course.

A wonderful way to start the workday!