Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hangzou, China

Street food crepes - absolutely delicious!

The couple that owned this stand were so happy that foreigners were fascinated with their food that they invited us into their house and gave us all of their lunch! Beef, pork, chicken, fish and veggies... we were so full by the end of it that we couldnt even eat our crepe anymore!

A wonderful experience on our first day in China with two strangers that didnt speak a word of english or we a word of Mandarin. Somehow, we still understood eachother :)

The beautiful West Lake

Floating Tea House

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Reflection of the Petronas Towers

Observation Deck

Selling cigarettes with a 'no smoking' sign right next to it??

Visiting a Mosque in the middle of KL, we had to fully cover ourselves

Geoff and I in full robes and head covering

"Little India" in Kuala Lumpur, I loved all the bright colors!

Tandoor oven on the side of the street

Lentil Dahl and fresh naan bread....delicious!

BBQ'd fish in banana leaves

To market we go...

The Hindu Batu Caves

Even monkeys like Coca Cola..

And mangosteen.....

Royal Selangor, the pewter factory