Monday, February 27, 2012

Buck Island Hike

Yesterday we headed out once again to Buck Island - this time with a different group of people on a different boat. The most perfect day weather-wise, lots of good food and once we were there, boat-hopping. Geoff and I also got to do the hike to the peak - something we've always wanted to do but weren't quite sure where the trail started.

This was the yacht we went out on!

Julianne enjoying the ride over

Geoff and I on the second level of the yacht (there were about 5 levels!)

Almost there.........

Juli and I

Yay! We made it to the top! It was a really hot and sweaty hike!

The reef view was beautiful

Back down to the beach

On the way home - this big boat made some serious waves!

Christiansted from the ocean

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Agrifest 2012

Agricultural Fair 2012
This is an annual agricultural fair where farmers and small businesses from all over the Caribbean set up their goods and sell anything from handmade local jewelry to Kallaloo to plants and self-written books. As usual, it did not disappoint!
We sampled some "Cane Fruit" or "Sugar Cane Fig" (second photo) which was very interesting. The flesh was stringy like sugar cane, but it was slightly more tart in flavor. Interesting to say the least.
We also saw lots of farm animals that the local farmers brought along, including the fattest rabbit I've EVER seen (photo 4)!
All in all a great day - I bought some really funky Afgan-style pants as well as a bunch of plants to add to our garden including lemon grass and chives.

When I say I live in the Virgin Islands.....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game Day at Buck

What a gorgeous day to be out at Buck Island today!
New friends, great food and perfect swimming conditions!

Hehe..the boys trying to haul in the boat